Christmas Stuffing Balls

Deep-fried Christmas stuffing balls in the famous Pantrini's batter. Served with your choice of cranberry sauce or Christmas gravy.

Pantrini's Pigs in Blankets

If you are a fan of pigs in blankets, you are going to love our deep-fried pigs in blankets, covered in traditional Pantrini's batter and served with Christmas Gravy.

Christmas Battered Sprouts

Sprouts, love them or hate them? We love them at Pantrini's especially deep-fried in our family recipe batter. They are a, 'must try'.

Christmas Desserts

Our winter wonderland sweet treats include; Gingerbread pancakes with clementine Chantilly cream. Chocolate Christmas tree brownie. Santa rooftop cake. Gingerbread Latte. Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate.